Why Our Crowded Heart?

Nature heart
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I put a lot of thought into naming things, from my children and pets to my companies and now my blog. For example, my children’s names all begin with “Ch” have an “l” in the middle and an “ey” at the end. They also have their fathers initials, as do I and my mother.

People often ask how I come up with names, or if I have a “thing” for names. The answer is “yes!” I have a thing for names. I want them to have meaning. I want them to have a story behind them just as there is a story behind how I was named and how my children were named.

So, in naming this blog, I started making a list of words that related to my name. I wrote down crowd and heart to go with my last names, Crowdis and Hardisty, and it was exactly what I needed. I feel that as a mother, teacher, aunt, friend, sister and wife my heart gets so crowded with daily happenings that I have to stop and make sense of it all. I have to “un-crowd” my heart to see clearly which direction I should go, which role I should put on the front burner at the moment, which I can let go of for the time being.

This is so typical of all mom’s, actually of women in general. We want to be everything to everyone. We do not want to let anyone down or leave any one out in the cold. We enjoy having our hearts crowded with more love than there are people to receive it so there is a never-ending supply when we are called upon to help or even just to listen.

The hard part is slowing down and un-crowding our hearts; letting the Lord take over and be in control. Thus is the purpose of this blog, to un-crowd my heart, get it all out in the open and possibly help someone else in the process; uncrowding our hearts! I guess it’s kind of circular reasoning, in uncrowding my heart, I also help others which is what tends to crowd it in the beginning. I want this to be a ministry, not only to others, but to myself as well.

We often hear the Lord speaking to us in the way we speak to others and I am looking forward to what He has in store for us all.


Thoughts? Comments?

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