Open Heart

“Sometimes, in my darkest moments, I am left with the reality of acceptance. And sometimes it’s ok to NOT know what to do. Because my Heavenly Daddy has all of the answers I need. I am understanding that this very moment is when HE can help me the most. It is when I completely surrender, when I am completely cried out and exhausted of my own strength, that HE can come in and mold me into what truly honours Him. And when I stop trying to change my family, when I stop trying to ‘fix’ it all, that very moment, God says,  “Here I am, I have been waiting for this moment. Thank you for loving me Jesus, I am ready now.”    – Roxanne Bibb Bradford

It can be so difficult to get to the point where you just let go and open your heart to what God has for you. Some people get to their wit’s end before they are able to just give up and give it over to God. Some people never get there. They take things into their own hands thinking God isn’t watching what they are going through.

He is there! He is always there.

God loves every single hair on your head. He placed each one individually. He knows every moment of your pain and is just waiting for you to let Him take control of your life.

He doesn’t need your help. You need His help.

His love is the only thing that can change your circumstances. Trust in Him. Open your heart to Him. Cry out to Him. He is waiting! The only thing stopping him from helping you is YOU! He weeps for you. He loves you. He will never give you more than you can handle, though some times it may seem that you cannot hang on any longer. He is there.

Open your heart. Open your mouth and cry out to Him. He loves you!

You cannot even imagine how you would be missed if you were not here. You are so loved by people, family and friends you may not even think about. They are praying for you on a daily basis even though they have not told you this. They are crying out on your behalf and praising God for your very existence. Reach out to them if you can.

Even if you cannot reach out to anyone else, reach out to God. He is waiting to wrap his arms around you right this moment and comfort you in your darkest moments. He will send the people you need to love and support you. Open your heart and let Him do His work in your life.

He loves you, and so do I.


Thoughts? Comments?

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