Foolish Heart

Have you noticed how some conversations get out of hand very quickly when one person makes a comment that upsets another and it just snowballs out of control?

This is especially true of social networking sites. People don’t seem to realize that they are justifying the other persons point by responding flippantly or dismissing the persons opinion or facts.

In Proverbs there are several verses that were written long before the Internet was ever though of by mankind, that speak to these issues:

Proverbs 26:4 says, “answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.”

By responding to posts and comments by others in a manner that stirs things up, even if that was not your intent, you are putting yourself on the same level as the original thought. Even knowing this is a possibility, some people just cannot help but respond, then many find themselves regretting it afterwards. Those who do not regret it are often foolish for believing that their words made a positive impact on the situation. Those who were not trying to make a positive impact, are just foolish for meddling in another persons business.

Proverbs 29:11 says, “a fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.”

Those who hold their responses and keep their thoughts and facts to themselves for the time being, are wise in the eyes of God. I have a friend who says something like, “the person who says the least has the most power” in a given situation. People in sales know that letting the client think it’s their idea by allowing them to do the majority of the tallking will win the sale in the end. They wait until all has been said, all objections have been made, then they jump in and close the sale. They do not show their hand at every step of the transaction. By doing this, they are showing wisdom in the situation.

I have made the mistake of opening my mouth and speaking my mind at the wrong time, and regretted it later. We all have. The fool is the one who does not learn from this mistake and choose more wisely the next time. I will admit that it took years to learn this lesson myself.

Now as I try to teach this lesson to my children and students I feel helpless at times in trying to make them understand they are better off not responding. I have learned that the best way to teach them is to be an example. I believe being an example for my children is the reason I finally began to walk away and not try to make others understand my side every time.

Not everyone is going to see it your way every time. This is a hard lesson to learn and a hard lesson to teach.

If you struggle with this or with teaching your children this lesson, just realize that God is in control. Only God can shed light on the situation for everyone involved to see the truth. Your truth is most likely not the whole truth. Only God can make us understand and see the full impact of a situation and our actions in regard to the situation. He is the only all-knowing and all-powerful. Only He can change the situation with His wisdom.

Once again I find that the best way to avoid showing our foolish heart in a post or comment for all to see is to just let go and let God have it. Walk away with your dignity and your heart intact.


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