Heart of the Family: My Aunt Diane

My Aunt Diane passed away last week, leaving behind two daughters, two sisters, and many nieces, nephews and grandchildren. They have made it very clear that she was the heart of their family!

Her grandchildren call her their “best friend” and don’t know how they will go on with her.

Her daughters who have relied on her for wisdom and truth through the years will miss her greatly, but are so glad she will no longer be in pain.

Her older sisters cannot believe that she passed before them.

Her niece posted, “You were my favorite, one of a kind, awesome, best listener, person who always understood me, amazing, precious, great cook, super hugger, graceful singer, and everything that I am grateful for and will miss greatly. I am jealous that you get to go with Jesus, and I am selfish for wanting you to stay, but I am prayerful for your children and their families, for all of our families as well, and blessed by your legacy of love and Christianity. Thank you for blessing my life so much, Aunt DI! I can’t believe you are gone.”

My Aunt Di was one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. Not that she always made the best choices in life, but she had not only book smarts, she had useful street smarts and lots of common sense.

I have always felt that both of my Aunts on the Day side of the family were blessed with a tremendous amount of common sense which served them well in life. They have always known how to get into or out of a situation as needed. They have worked their ways up into positions of importance and had the ear of knowledgeable people.

That’s the kind of person I strive to be. Someone who knows when to, and when not to speak. Someone who knows when to act and when to walk away. It’s definitely an art form that is learned over time and a skill that must be honed.

We will all miss Aunt Di and are so thankful for the legacy she left behind. However, we are all even more grateful that the pain she has suffered through for years in finally over and she is now sitting with her Lord and Savior, reminiscing with her husband Billy who passed away several years ago.

She was the heart of her precious family, and a great blessing to the extended family!


Thoughts? Comments?

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