5 Minutes from the Heart: See

My daughter, Chailey’s, freehand doodling of eyes. She’s amazing! I wish she could see in herself what I see in her.

A blog I have recently started to follow is doing a Five Minute Friday exercise in conjunction with www.thegypsymama.com. The purpose is to just write from the heart for 5 straight minutes on the topic “see”, no editing, no revisions, straight onto the paper and into print. I’m always up for a challenge, and I love the premise. So, here goes…

I just helped my daughters best friend write a college paper on the topic of perception. I have watched my daughters perception of things for a few years now and started to realize that even in my own life, my perception of things is not always correct.

Ok, need to focus here and write about seeing, not perception!

However, what we see is our perception.

When I see someone making a face in my direction, I see someone who does not like me.

When I see someone in nice clothes, I see someone better than me.

When I see someone sad, I see someone who needs my help.

What I see may not be true.

Someone looking my way, making a face, may not even know I am alive. They may not even be looking my way. They may be deep in thought. They may have just received bad news on the phone. They may have just broken a nail.

Someone in nice clothes may be wearing the only thing they own.

Someone who looks sad may be things on their mind that I cannot fathom, things with which I cannot assist. They may be fully capable of helping themself.

I often remind myself that the cries for help from my children are opportunities for them to grown and fin for themselves. I often see them as small children, when they are in fact adults.

Times up. Thank you for reading what’s on my heart.


2 thoughts on “5 Minutes from the Heart: See

  1. nice to meet you rhonda:) part of my maturing process as a young adult was to figure out what you have written about. my husband helped convince me it was true, but i didn’t immediately buy into what he said! i tho’t he was just being superficial in his assessments! it turned out he was totally right…and my early experiments in learning the truth of this resulted in very interesting findings:)

    who knew that i wasn’t the center of the universe? that just b/c a person was unhappy or needy, i wasn’t necessarily the one who either caused the problem or could bring about the solution! so liberating:)

    btw, do you still live in TX? i saw that your dad lives in N. TX. we live in E. TX…among the roses, pine trees and lakes…to name a few! we have only lived here about 20 yrs.

  2. Yes, we live in Texas! Have lived here all my life in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    Being a High School teacher I see a lot of my own insecurities in my students, but it was not until my daughters were older that I saw them clearly. It’s really too bad that 13-20 somethings all think they know everything and are unwilling to listen to parent or older adult advise. Lol. I am amazed to find at 43 that I am the same person I was at 17, just a little wiser in the ways of the world. I find it interesting to look back on my mothers life through the years and realize how she felt at that point in time. For example, when she lost her Father in her early 30’s. I thought she was so old and able to handle it. I know know how hard it must have been to lose a parent so young.

    Anyway, that’s for your response. Best of luck to you in your writing!!

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