5 Minutes from the Heart: Expectation

Another 5 minute writing exercise in which I write for 5 minute without corrections and just share what’s on my hert. In conjunction with www.thegypsymama.com

11:13 AM – Start!

My husband and I are in a state of expectation at this point in our lives. Our youngest child has just gradauted from High School which opens up to ability for us to do things we have not been able to do forthe past few years.

First example, my husband previously communted to Oklahoma City from Fort Worth, Texas for his job in aviation. Almost 4 years ago, he came home to work in a lesser paying job that he does not love in order to see his children through high school. Now that phase i ntheir lives in over, it’s time to consider going back to work in Oklahoma.

A lot has changed since he was last in Oklahoma:

He lost his first wife to epilepsy

Re-married a high school friend

Added three daughters and two grand children

So, we spent two nights in Oklahoma viiting with family and old friends. We even visited his former job site. They welcomed him with open arms and wanted to know when he would return  to the job.

So, here we sit in expectation, waiting to see what God will have us do.

11:18 AM – Stop!


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