What’s on God’s heart?

As the end of the school year came to a close I began to think about where I wanted to be next year.

Did I want to be back at the same campus in the same job, just in a new classroom?

Did I want to take a position in another district that would cost me a months pay to make the move, not to mention changing insurance and other specifics?

Did I want to stay in the same district, but move to another low socio-economic demographic campus into a position where I could better use my skills in teaching EnglishLanguage Arts and Reading and still qualify for a forgiveness of my student loan after 3 more years?

Did I want to move to a higher socio-economic demographic and work on getting clock hours in a behavioral setting where I could qualify to take the BCBA test at the end of the year?

My answer would be a combination of the above, which has yet to become available. However, I have realized that it’s not what’s on my heart and mind that matter. It’s what’s on God‘s heart that I need to follow!

He knows where he wants me. He know who he wants to place in my path and who to place in my path along the way.

The last three years in Special Education Life Skills at Fossil Ridge High School have allowed me to learn from some wonderful Godly people, and I hope allowed yet others to learn from me.

God placed all of us together for His purpose, for what’s on His heart.

He knew that I would learn so much from the faith and circumstances of each person in our unit. He knew that there would be times for me to reach out and comfort someone, while still other times for someone to reach out and comfort me.

We each gave to others and we each took something away.

It has been a great learning process for me, and for others as well. I am thankful that God had it in his heart to place me in this place at this time.

I do feel like it is time for me to move on, as He is moving others on to other states, schools, campus’, and classrooms. However, it may not be. So, I  have decided that the route for me at this moment is to wait for God and listen to what’s on His heart for me. I know that what’s best for me is what’s on God’s heart.

How often do we all make decisions without consulting Him, and later wonder what we have gotten ourselves into? All too often, I’m sure. Let’s all take the next situation we face and give it to God! How will the outcome be different this time? I know I can’t wait to find out.


Thoughts? Comments?

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