5 Minutes from the Heart: Risk

Today’s 5 minute writing prompt is Risk. Straight from the heart. No prep, no corrections…

7:07 AM Start

Risk is in everything we do. It is just part of life. We take a risk every time we breathe, everytime we start our car or drive down the street. It’s inherent in our everyday lives.

Risk is often what keeps our faith alive…

Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.

We take risks based on faith. We have faith that God will provide so we take the risk to start a new job or a new blog. We step out to spread the gospel in another country with the the faith that God will take the seed we plant and multiply it in the lives of the people who hear our voice.

We risk riducule at work or at school to keep others from a living the rest of their lives without the comfort of our Savior.

Stepping out in faith is a risk, but risk is what keeps our faith alive.

7:12 ish STOP!


Thoughts? Comments?

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