Heartfelt Blog Tour: A Princess Broken

This week I am hosting Misty Gatlin’s blog tour as she promotes her newest book, A Princess Broken. Please welcome my 19-year-old daughter, Chelbrey, as she attempts her first book review.

Book Review by Chelbrey Crowdis:

“The book A Princess Broken definitely made me want to read more from the start. It got my attention right away.

It is about a girl who feels broken, alone and worthless because of choices she has made in her life. God sends a woman her way to show her that she is worth so much more than she realizes.

This stranger tells her about God and His wonderful ways. So she accepts Him into her heart, and watches as everything slowly starts to fall into place for her.

Although Sarah’s situation was fictional, some teens do go through the same things on a daily basis. It made me stop and think, “what if my life was like that?” It also made me appreciate my life that much more.

Knowing that the author actually went through what Kate went through with her father made the power of prayer that much more real to me.

My cousins Grandmother is currently sick and can barely move. My cousin is very upset about it. Since I read this book and the author’s experience, I can confidently tell her that everything is going to be okay if she will just pray.

I know that God has a plan for everyone in every situation. Whether it is to teach them a lesson or to show them the truth, He never makes a mistake.

Since reading A Princess Broken, I have been praying a lot more, and things have fallen into place for me. I am giving God a bigger part of my life.”

Author BIO:

Misty Gatlin is a writer and keynote speaker at events for various churches and organizations. She has worked with teen and college aged girls for 12 years. Her passion is to teach young women to have confidence in their own identity in Christ. Misty and her husband, Eric, have been married for 11 years and have two wonderful children. You can learn more about Misty, her books, her speaking, and read her blog at www.MistyGatlin.com

How we met Misty Gatlin:

Mrs. Gatlin was an 8th grade Spanish I teacher who taught my two older daughters. She and I were never more than parent and teacher speaking via e-mail and the occasional face to face at meet the teacher night. A few years later she was a vendor at a Craft Show I directed for the High School Drill Team. We talked a few times over the course of the daylong event and I really gained a respect for her and her ministry to young adult and teen girls. Since that time, she and I have only communicated on occasion through social media and e-mail, but when she started posting information about this book, I felt the Lord leading me to support her ministry in any way I could. So, I have purchased two of her books for my daughters and their friends. I have watched the Lord work in their lives through Misty’s ministry. I strongly recommend her books to young women, and anyone working with or parenting young women of faith.  It is a purchase well worth it’s weight in gold.

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