5 Minutes from the Heart: Dance

Five minutes of writing straight from the heart; no corrections, no-rethinking…

Today’s topic is Dance!

Start 7:51 AM

My middle daughter is a typical middle, if there is a typical middle. She’s the shy quiet one like I was. She’s a lot like me in many ways, though she thinks I have no idea what she is going through.

She is my dancer.

It was cheerleading that brought her out of her shell in elementary school and she continued to cheer through Middle School. It seemed to give her a sense of purpose and gave her a reason for being.

In high school she switched from cheer to dance. She joined the drill team and really blossomed more than I ever though she would. She was no longer that shy quiet girl we had always knows.

Unfortunately, drama allowed to run rampant on that team crushed that spirit in her. She quickly retreated back to her shell and has lost all of the confidence that dance initially instilled in her.

I pray every day that she will regain that confidence and know:

what a beautiful dancer she is,

what a talented artist she is,

what a gifted computer guru she is,

what an amazing photographer she is,

what a wonderful daughter she is.

She is my dancer, and I pray every day that she will just dance.

Stop 7: 56 AM


8 thoughts on “5 Minutes from the Heart: Dance

  1. I have a couple of those typical middle kids. Because they are all so young, I wonder what their gifts will be. Like you, I pray for them often. I came over from the gypsy mama this morning.

    1. My girls were barely 4, 5 and 7 when I became a single mom. We spent a lot of time together, just the 4 of us over the next 13 years. God was so faithful in those years, allowing me to watch them grow and develop into the young ladies they are today. The best part was helping them to develop their gifts and God given talents. I pray you enjoy every moment of it with yours!

  2. Feeling your mama’s heart, Rhonda! Our spirit is crushed so easily, especially our daughters’. Praying with you that your sweet girl will know the beauty God instilled in her. She is a treasure in His kingdom. A jewel set aside for a wondrous plan.

    1. Thank you so much. So often young girls have no idea of their value and it leads them astray. I have been blessed with three wonderful girls who have turned out as well as I could have imagined. As they are now young adults I pray even more that God continues to show them their value and their talents.

  3. What a great prayer for us mama’s that our children will “just dance.” Stick with it. Many a young girl has healed from the faithful prayers and example of a loving mom. I know!

  4. I stand in prayer with you, Rhonda. I decree confidence, strength, and boldness in her in the name of Jesus Christ.
    She is so beautiful, it always amazes me how the “pretty girl’s” mirror doesn’t show them what everyone actually sees.
    She is so talented and her smile is so genuine and warm. I praise God in advance for the work that He is doing in her lives, as well as, her sisters lives.
    Love you, Sis

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