From My Daughters Heart

I have spent most of the day today catching up on e-mail. Most of it being posts from blogs that I follow; teacher resources, Christian women sharing their faith, mothers sharing their lives.

As I sort through it all, I save worksheets and strategies into various files for use in my classroom next year. I ponder the thoughts that are being conveyed. I apply God‘s word to my life sometimes in ways that are similar to those who are writing, and at times in very different ways.

I am in awe of the women who blog daily with such insight and thoughtfulness. Often they share Biblical truths that I need at that moment for myself or to aid someone else in their journey. I am intrigued by their ability to write so freely and so often.

I am envious of the teachers who not only prepare for their own classes, but help me prepare as well.

I dream of the charmed lives these women must live in their perfect homes with their perfect children. Obviously, they are able to juggle life in a way that I can only imagine or watch on television.

Today I read several posts about just how imperfect life is even for these people who I have put up on pedestal. They have the same fears and challenges that I face on a daily basis, and they are not afraid to share those truths along with all the rest.

Then I realize that these women are no better than the rest of us. They are me! I don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, or what they deal with; what trials they are battling.

We often think others are so much better off than we are or that their lives are so much easier, when we all live in this crazy world and have our own battles to fight, our own children to raise, own houses to clean. We all have friends who support us and enemies who challenge us. We all put our pants on one leg at a time.

I think my 19-year-old daughter who reads my blog said it best when she advised me, “the people who read your blog must think you are normal. They would never know you are really crazy!” We laughed and my other daughters agreed.

I must have done something right to have daughters who can speak from their hearts and tell me the truth without so much as batting an eye. I am as blessed as those other women and my daughters hearts are proof of that fact!


Thoughts? Comments?

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