Bloggers Inspiring Heart Award

We very humbly accept this Very Inspiring Blogger Award received from OW Prince Ministries at  in response to my post this week called “A Widowers Heart: Dealing with the Loss.” God is good at giving us inspiration, even from a stranger, when we least expect it.

In response to this award I am to list seven things about myself.

My God is an awesome God!

My favorite colors are black and green

My second wedding anniversary is coming up on July 29th

I have two great nephews, 3 and 5, who now live with me, and they are completely amazing!

My youngest daughter just moved into her own apartment and I’m ok with that.

I am really starting to enjoy blogging as a larger part of my ministry and working to build on that.

I have an amazingly diverse family and am very proud of the various nationalities that my cousins, nieces, nephews, children and grandchildren represent, which include: African-American, French Indian, Thia, Mexican, Costa Rican, German, Irish, and Cherokee among others.

My other task is to pass this award on to 7 bloggers who have inspired me. They are as follows:

There are a few guidelines for accepting this award. They are as follows:

1. Acknowledge the giver of the award, and link back to their site.

2. Copy and paste the award to your blog.

3. List seven things about yourself.

 4. Pass the award to 7 bloggers.

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