5 Minutes from the Heart: Identity

Today’s 5 minute topic is identity. No severe corrections. Nothing more than 5 minutes of writing straight from the heart.

12:36 PM Start!

Who am I? What am I? Where is my identity found?

I am a child of God, a daughter of my 4 parents, a sister to my 8 siblings, an aunt to my many neices and nephews, parent to 5 wonderful children; Nauna to two great nephews, a granddaughter and a grandson; a friend to the friendless and also to the awesome people who share their time with me. I am inspired by the lives we each choose to live.

I am a teacher. I am a thinker. I am a lover of all things organized (though you could never prove it by the current state of my house!) I am inspired by people who seem to have it all together and share with others how they got there.

I am moody. I am irrational, at times. I am a keeper of many secrets and teller of few. I am inspired by the wisdom of others.

I am tired. I am busy. I am always very early…. or once in a while very late; never right on time. I am a night owl and an early riser. I love to take naps. I am inspired by people who never seem to get run down.

I am a writer, though that is the last thing I think of calling myself. I write to get it off my chest. To see it on paper. To run it through my head again. To see if anyone else understands. I am inspired by people who can write an entire book, no matter the cost, and no mater the pain.

I am complex and also simple. I am a child of the living God. I am who I want to be and who He will allow me to be, by His grace. I am inspired by people who know who they are are where they are going; they know their identity.

Stop! 12:46…I had an interruption from a kid trying to use the steam cleaner on her bedroom carpet. Oh my!  🙂

For others impressions on the topic of identity check out http://lisajobaker.com/2012/05/five-minute-friday-identity/


Thoughts? Comments?

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