5 Minutes from the Heart: Stretch

Linking with the Gypsy Mama this morning, a little late for her Five Minute Friday, but I have been thinking about this topic since her e-mail Friday morning and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a little of my heart with you this morning.

Start: 9:29

Lately I have been dealing with stiffness in my back and I have to really stretch every morning before I get out of bed otherwise I may get a kink or muscle spasm, which is not fun!

In the same manner, God is stretching me, or allowing me to stretch myself in many ways:

My new campus and student population is a stretch from what I have done the past six years. It seems that every three years or so I get a little stagnant or stiff in my job and feel the need to stretch a little in order to grow educationally and professionally.

Starting Kindergarten again with my great-nephew who now lives with me is a stretch since I have not had a child in Kindergarten in a very long time. My youngest biological child is almost half past 19 years.

I am excited about stretching in these area’s but at the same time I know that if I don’t do things just right there is potential for a kink in the works. I move forward with the grace of God at my side and Him as my guide through this process.

It is my desire to show Him to all of the Elementary students and parents I will come in contact with this year as a teacher and as a caregiver. God is good!

When’s the last time you stretched?

Stop! 9:34

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Thoughts? Comments?

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