5 Minutes from the Heart: Join

Today’s topic is Join. The point is to write for just five minutes. Without over thinking. Without over editing. Just five minutes straight from the heart and onto the page. I love this exercise for sharing what’s on my heart. The topic often stretches me to think about things I might not otherwise write about.

Start 10:28 PM

I like to join every opportunity that comes along. I want to volunteer for everything!

I often find myself volunteering for things, and then not being able to or not wanting to participate when the time comes.

I also find myself wanting to participate in so many different things that all take place so close together that it’s almost impossible to be everywhere I need to be.

At one point I was working full-time, going to school full-time, coaching cheerleading three or more days a week, and all while a single parent to three elementary aged daughters.

I enjoyed every minute of it all, but it was very stressful to juggle it effectively.

Most of the time if I am not extremely busy, I am bored.

So, I have had to learn to say yes to only the things in which I really need to participate.

Right now I have my hands full with a new role at work, a house full of children from 5 years to 22 years who all need my attention and input. I have no room to take on anything else and for once in my life I know that now is not the time to join anything else!

God is good and will not give us more than we can handle, but there is nothing to stop us from putting more on ourselves than we can handle! Are you an over-joiner too?

Stop! 10:33 PM

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Thoughts? Comments?

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