Thankful Heart: Day 3 – Women in the Family

Today I am thankful for the women in my family. As crazy as they may be, I am thankful for people who love me even when they do not agree with me. I am thankful for people who listen to my side and who are willing to express theirs are well. They say families are like brownie’s, every once in a while you run across a nut. Well, I think my family is more like crunchy peanut butter, several nuts in every bite! It’s all of those bumps and crunches along the way that have made me the person that I am today: strong-willed and ambitious. Most of the women in my family as just as strong-willed and ambitious as I am. I asked my step-Dad one time how a quiet, thoughtful, reserved man like himself ended up with 4 strong, opinionated, often obstinate daughters like us, not to mention twice as many granddaughters of similar makeup. He just smiled proudly and said “I guess God has a sense of humor.”

I have a biological sister and two step-sisters. They are all full of life and a love for the things of God. They have raised some incredible children whom I love dearly. I would give my all to make this world a place where my nieces and nephews all live happy, successful lives. I pray for them daily and for their mothers who carry an even stronger burden for them than do I. We serve a loving God who will give us the desires of our hearts if we just follow Him and abide in His love.

I have three biological daughters, a step daughter, three biological nieces and several step-nieces. They are all turning into wonderful young women and starting families of their own. I often long to go back to those days myself and correct my mistakes; righting the wrongs, and making better choices as a parent, a daughter, a wife and a sibling. I realize, however, that all of those wrongs and mistakes are what made me who I am and made them who they are. Knowing that, I wouldn’t change a thing after all.

I have one granddaughter, and I’m sure many more to come down the road. She is the highlight of my day and a reminder of what a wonderful God we serve. She is strong-willed, brilliant and beautiful just like her mother and her Aunts. She is learning moment by moment, day by day, from ever little thing she sees and hears. She is teaching us all the meaning of life and love with every move she makes. Her red hair and green eyes light up our home from sun up to sun down on a daily basis.

I am thankful for all the women in my family from oldest to youngest, but find that I am learning the most from the youngest of them all. It’s all in God’s design as He asked us to come to Him as little children.

Who in your family are you thankful for today?


Thoughts? Comments?

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