Thankful Heart: Day 4 – Technology & Mentor

In spending time last night cleaning up my blog, I realized I am thankful for two things: technology, and my blogging mentor. Without them both I would not be able to do what I do on this site.

Without technology our lives would be so different from what they are today. We would not be able to watch television, listen to the radio, use computers, text and e-mail our family and friends. Can you imagine how different things would be if technology had not advanced at the pace and to the degree that it has?

I often find myself upset with technology that does not work as quickly or as accurately as I expect it to work. I have to remind myself that there are much less adequate ways of doing the same thing. I still have the option of doing them manually, which would take even more time in most cases than the technology with which I am fed up at the moment.

As I mentioned, I am also thankful for my blogging mentor. At some point earlier this year when I had just started blogging, I ran across a blogger giving advice on various key elements of blogging. He is Steve Watkins at I have learned a lot from this former political writer and current blogger working on publishing his first book. He and his wife write from their hearts on things that range from politics and writing to christian perspective. The thing I have learned most from them is that we can have a difference of opinion, and still have a civil conversation in which we all learn a little about what the other feels and believes. I highly recommend that you take a look at his blog which will link you to his other two blogs as well as his wife, Dana’s, blog.

Techonology has been a friend to us all and has introduced some of us to new friends and a new way of life. What about technology are you thankful for today?

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