Thankful Heart: Day 8 – Teachers

I am thankful for teachers who get up every day and give everything they have to our children. They say that “behind every good_____ is a great teacher.” If you think about it, everyone had a teacher at some point that taught them everything they know. They had to learn to write, to type, to spell, to add, subtract, diagram, etc. when they were in elementary school to make it to middle and high school, then eventually to college and so on. Everyone had a teacher somewhere who was instrumental in giving them a love for something they later to choose to call their career.

My daughter had great art teachers who cultivated her ability. I had amazing teachers from Kindergarten on up who made me want to be who they were adn do what they do. I had a high school english teacher who loved my writing and encouraged me to continue to write. My husband had a shop teacher who taught him how to put things together, and before that he had a Dad who was willing to take the time to teach him how to take a car apart and put it back together.

Teachers come in all forms, not all of them certified. Some of them are our parents, and others are our neighbors and mentors. Take the time today to thank someone who taught you something. Teaching is a gift. Not everyone has the patience to teach what they know to the next person. It takes a special kind of person to share their craft, their time and their knowledge with someone else to the extent that you learn from it.

Who is your most memorable teacher and what did they teach you?


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