5 Minutes from a Thankful Heart: Quiet

Once again combining Five Minute Friday with Thankful Heart: Day 9 . Today’s topic from Lisa-Jo Baker at the site formerly known as The Gypsy Mama is Quiet. The intent is to write for 5 straight minutes without over thinking; just straight from the heart and onto the paper. Lisa-Jo calls it a flashmob of writers who link up with her every weekend.

Start! 6:22 AM

I am thankful for quiet.

For the quiet times with my family. You know the times when you can just be still and quiet and know that all is well with the heart and soul of your family.

For the quiet moments in my classroom where I spend time putting together lessons for the day; contemplating, analyzing, sometimes just thinking.

For the quiet moments with friends where the silence is not awkward. Where you have a deep conversation and then just sit in silence for a moment and let it all sink in.

For the quiet hours of the night. The times when the television is not on, my husband is not snoring, the crickets and dogs are silent, and there is a peace to be felt.

For the quiet moments with God. The knowledge that when you can call out to Him, He is always listening and interceding on your behalf.

Those are the best times. The quiet times.

Stop 6:27 AM

What quiet moments are you thankful for today?

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