Thankful Heart: Day 10 – Friends

I am thankful for friends who love you through thick and thin. Those who you can go weeks without talking to, but the minute you need them they are there for you without question. I just love how on a moments notice we pick up right where we left off. When one of us hears a story or ends up in a setting where we have previously been with one of these friends, we quickly think to call the other and share our memories or  complete a story that did not previously have an ending. It’s like we complete each other in that instance just like we were two pieces of the same puzzle.

I spoke to one of those friends today because I found myself in a situation that only she would appreciate. We laughed and reminisced for a moment. Then she noticed the stress in my voice in regard to another issue and just like the good old days, she said exactly what I needed to hear. Then she e-mailed me a verse from the Bible that was very fitting.

Friends like this are priceless and I am so thankful to have more than one.


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