5 Minutes from a Thankful Heart: Stay

Linking up with Lisa-Jo again today with a topic of “stay” which I am combining with my Thankful Heart series. She calls it Five Minute Friday. I call it 5 Minutes from my Heart. Either way, it’s a group of people who meet electronically every week to write for just 5 minutes without over thinking, correcting or re-writing on a specific topic. Here goes!

Start – 6:57 AM

I am thankful that God speaks and tells us when to stay and when to go.

I have had a rough week, a rough school year, and at times I wonder if I did the right thing. 

Was I supposed to stay in the position I had in another school? Am I supposed to stay here?

Again and again God tells me that I am to stay until He opens another door.

He opened this door at the last-minute, just as I was giving up the idea of leaving my previous campus.

He opened this door and I am to stay until He tells me otherwise.

There is a peace in knowing that God has put me here and He is asking me to stay regardless of what is going on around me.

There is a purpose for my being here even if I never know that purpose.

So, I will do the Lords will and I will stay.

I will stay strong.

I will stand firm.

I will stay in the place where He has placed me.

This place where I have been planted.

This place where I am to grow.

I think for me, that’s the hardest part about staying.

I want to grow, but at the same time, growing can be painful.

It’s not the first time, and it will not be the last time.

I asked for growth.

I asked not to stay in my previous school because I felt I had stopped growing.

It is definitely growth I am getting here. So, here I will stay.

Stop – 7:02 AM


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