Thankful Heart: Day 17 – Strangers

At least three times this week a stranger has poured out a blessing or shown me Gods mercy. Twice when I was stopped for a headlight issue with my car, and once again today when the car in front of me in the drive thru paid for my coffee with the message “have a blessed day!”

More often, it seems, we find grace from strangers than from our own family and friends. Frequently, we talk to strangers with more empathy, grace and forgiveness than we show those who are closest to us. So, today, I am thankful for strangers!

Through strangers I am reminded of who God is and who He wants me to be.

Through strangers I am given hope in His plan for my life.

Through strangers I am assured that He is in control.

Prior to this generosity from strangers I have spent the week wondering if I am making right decisions and heading in the correct direction. At times I have felt that I have deserved the negative treatment of people whose opinions I respect at work and in my family. It has caused me to reflect, to search my heart and to cry out to God for His guidance even more than before.

Upon each instance of grace from a stranger I have felt God say to me, “child, you are mine. I am in control. You are doing as I have requested. Continue on the path as I lead you.”

There is no greater hope than to hear from God that you are a child in whom He is well pleased, and I love that He has used strangers to re-assure me of that fact.


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