Thankful Heart: Day 21 – Dads, Brothers, Nephews

My Dad, Rick, Brendon, & Christian – 4 generations

I am so thankful for the men in my life. I have already listed my husband as someone for whom I am thankful so today I would like to tell you about the rest of the men in my life and why I am thankful for them.

My Dad has always been there for me. For the 13 years I was a single mom, he was instrumental in keeping my daughters and in a car and often helped keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. He was one of the reasons I continued to go to school to better myself so that one day I could support my daughters and myself without him. I wish I could pay him back for everything he has given to me. He has been a lifesaver and means the world to me and my daughters.

My step-dad, Gary, has been a spiritual leader, friend, and confidant over the years. He and I used to run every day when we lived near each other. It was a great bonding opportunity. He always encourages me to do what’s right and good; to keep up with school and continue to better myself. He taught me how to shoot a gun and encouraged me to protect my family. He reminds me of Gods word when I question which direction I should take on an issue. He has a wonderful sense of humour; a little dry at times, but great nonetheless. I am so very thankful for him and his leadership in my life.

My brother, Rick, spent many years doing  honey-do’s for me. When I lived close to him he would even come over and change light bulbs. He fixed my cars more often and until later hours of the night that any of us would like to remember. By mid-night he would be talking to the car, willing it to do what he needed it to do so that we could all get some sleep before morning. I won’t even remind him of the day he tried to fix the water faucet in my backyard after my sister ran it over with the lawn mower. It turned into a multi-day ordeal including a new hot water heater, rerouting the water in the wall behind the laundry room, and me going to the first day on a new job with no running water in the house and no sleep. Those are the memories that bond us together and remind me of how much love is in my family. I am more thankful for Rick than he may ever know. I love you big brother!

My little brother Darrell lives out-of-state, but keeps in touch primarily via Facebook. He is my step-brother, but he has been a part of my family since he was in about 1st grade. Before his Dad married my Mom, we were neighbors. He use to write me notes and leave them on my front porch. He and the little neighbor boy who lived between us, Robert Hinkle, used to come over to play in the tree and large sandbox in our backyard. They were the sweetest little guys. Darrell is a hard worker and provides well for his family. We just wish he would bring that family here to Texas so that all of us could enjoy them with him. I am thankful for the joy and light Darrell brings to my life and that of my family.

My nephew Brendon is a wild man. He’s a bass player in a band called Redline Drive. He is passionate about God and about life in general. He lets you know right where you stand; good bad or indifferent. He is the son of my brother Rick and works hard like his Dad. He lived with the girls and I for a few months almost three years ago. It was a great opportunity to get to know him better and build a bond of trust. He is like a brother to my girls and I just love when cousins are that close. As I have posted before, they are like an extension of our siblings and in this case, the brother they never had. He continues to be a confidant and sounding board for my daughters and we  love him for that!

My nephew Chaz is the strong, silent type. His nick name is the  Hulk, so you cam imagine he’s not a little guy. He keeps to himself, but is a strong man of faith. His family is very important to him and sometimes protecting them means being silent and waiting for God to speak. His trust and faith are in God to provide for them, which he has learned from his mother. Several years ago he spent over half a year living with the girls and I. It was nice to have a stong hand in the house when we needed help moving things or even taking lids off  jars. Who better than the Hulk? Chaz became closer to us through this experience, but was always an important part of our lives as we spent a lot of time with his mother and siblings when they were all young. I will never forget the day he was born. I took his mother and sister to the hospital for the umpteenth time in two months. We’d been weekly since Thanksgiving because she had labor pains nearly every night. This time was for real. My then almost 3-year-old niece, Amber, my then 10-month-old daughter, Chelsey and I sat in the  corner of the delivery room behind the curtain in the floor while he was being delivered. When they brought out a huge 9 pound, 9 ounce, 2-month-old-looking baby boy I was amazed and very glad I was not the one giving birth! He’s maintained that strong and silent demeanor ever since. I am so thankful for Chaz and what he means to my family.

I have a grandson, Eythan, and to date 5 great-nephews: Daniel (DJ), Christian, Gabriel, Jacob, and Anthony. I also have several step-great-nephews including: Kaydence and Kylan. I cannot wait to see what great men of God they all grow up to become. I am so thankful for their parents and the role they all will play in my life and the lives of the rest of the family in the future. God is good!


2 thoughts on “Thankful Heart: Day 21 – Dads, Brothers, Nephews

  1. Rhonda –
    I really do enjoy reading your blog. Your love for your family is very evident and you are lucky to have those kinds of relationships. But in the same vein, they are very lucky to have you.

    I hope you, Les, and the rest of your family have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

    God Bless,
    Brent Middleton

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