Thankful Heart: Day 22 – Family Time

Today on Thanksgiving, the last day of my Thankful Heart for this year, I want to share one of the things I am most thankful for…Family Time!

Tonight my family spent time decorating gingerbread cookies and my one brave artistic daughter actually turned hers into a gingerbread house! Here are the pictures of our fun evening which started after Thanksgiving dinner and was followed by reading The Elf on the Shelf to prepare for our first time visitor tomorrow, decorating the tree, and watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I love family time and cannot wait for family game nights and everything else that comes with the holiday season here at my house! Enjoy the pics…

DJ starting his cookie decorating
Gabriel decorating his cookie while eating candy and icing. Lol.
Aunt Ney Ney (Vanessa) helping Rylann decorate a cookie.
Chailey beginning the work of a true artist.
Chelsey and Chailey’s work in the planning stages. The R is for Rylann, I think.
Chailey’s masterpiece in progress
All 4 girls and Randall hard at work
Quiet! He’s doing serious construction here.
Rylann testing the handiwork
Chelbrey’s work
Vanessa’s work.


Chailey’s masterpiece!

Thoughts? Comments?

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