5 Minutes from the Heart: Thank You

Once again time for my Friday link up with a fabulous group of people who write on the same topic once a week for just 5 minutes. Today’s topic on Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday is, of all things, Thank you!

8:07 AM Go!

After over three weeks of being thankful maybe we should take a moment to think about how often throughout the rest of the year we actually say these two words. Do we thank the people who give us our change in the grocery store. Do we thank the man who holds the door open for us at the random store? Do we thank our family for the little things? How often, outside of the month of November, do we use those two words? Try being more thankful for the rest of this year, or maybe even more thankful in 2013. We all take a lot of things for granted.

God is good. How often do we thank Him for every little thing that He provides? Did you thank Him for waking you up another day? Did you thank Him for your job, your children, the roof over your head? Have you thanked Him for breakfast, electricity, running water? These are things that not everyone has, yet you do by the grace of God. Have you thanked Him for your vehicle that gets you to and from work or school? What about the money you spend at the movies or out at dinner. Have you thanked God for that?

I thank God for you and will be paying more attention to everything around me for  which I have not been thankful enough.

8:12 AM Stop!


2 thoughts on “5 Minutes from the Heart: Thank You

  1. So true. God is worthy of praise and thanksgiving each and every day. May I also be more mindful of all that He has given to me. Enjoyed my visit from the Five MInute Friday!

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