Thankful Heart: Day 28 – Snow

Today was another rough day in my classroom, but at the end of it I had a spur of the moment idea to skip plans for the afternoon and just enjoy my students. So, I gave 5 of them a piece of black construction paper and a tub of sidewalk chalk. I simply asked them to draw snow; whatever that meant to them. What I received was a great opportunity to just sit down and talk to each one of them; soaking in their knowledge and their innocence. One student in particular is a real handful, but on rare occasions like this he opens up and does something I have never seen or heard him do before. Today he spelled out the letters of his name verbally as I wrote them on his paper. This is a fairly non-verbal student who, prior to today, has never shown any sign that he knew more than the first letter.  This is a huge things for a special ed teacher because for us progress is measured in inches rather than feet. Following are the pictures they drew, which are now hanging in the hallway outside my room. It was the best snow ever and I am very thankful for every moment of it.

First grade student
Kindergarten student
First grade student
3rd grade student
Kindergarten student

Thoughts? Comments?

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