The Heart of Christmas: Decorations

410CNIKqhoLWhen I was little we had a Christmas tree that I remember as being white, but it’s also possible that it was silver. We had a color wheel that sat near the tree and rotated lights on it. We thought it was the coolest thing, and loved to sit and watch it in the living room in the evenings while listening to Christmas records on the stereo. It’s my most vivid memory of Christmas decorations from my childhood. I do not remember if we ever had lights on house or in the yard. It’s just not something that impressed me as a child, so maybe that means we did not have any. I’m not sure.

In more recent years my mother has done away with the Christmas tree, opting for a large nativity in its place. In her home, Christmas is about the birth of Christ; it’s His birthday celebration, not a celebration of Santa and all of his reindeer. We usually spend Christmas morning at her house eating home-cooked breakfast with family and exchanging gifts that represent the gift that God gave us when Christ was born. Besides the nativity, there are few Christmas decorations other than cards and family photo’s adorning the living room and kitchen area’s.

From the time my girls were young until recently, my home was loaded with snowman decor throughout. I have collected snowmen for years and loved to get them out and put them on display. In recent years we have put up lights and filled the yard with candy canes or white deer. Last year my husband asked why people put out deer for Christmas. I told him that it reminds me of the verse in the Bible talking about deer panting after water the same way our souls long for God. However, for a lot of people I believe it has to do with deer, more specifically reindeer, being winter and possibly holiday animals that would roam during the holiday season. Either way, they are pretty and we have enough of them to fill the yard and light it up!

This year we went a little more simple in our decorating. White lights on the bushes, red and white on the house and an inflatable nativity in the yard. We wanted our decorations to signify what Christmas is really about; God’s gift.  Christ our savior  is the real reason we celebrate Christmas and our decorations should show others what we believe. My brother used to have a large lighted sign in his yard that said “Jesus is the Reason!” Some day I would like to have a similar sign in my yard to proclaim to all who drive by that I believe in the deity of Christ and that he is the real reason for the Christmas season.

What do your decorations say about you and what you believe about Christmas. What do they say about your relationship with Christ? What do you want them to say?


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