The Heart of Christmas: Snow!

A portion of my family Christmas morning 2009
A portion of my family Christmas morning 2009

Living in Texas, it’s quite unusual to experience a white Christmas. I cannot remember every having snow on Christmas Day as a child. In fact, the first year I remember this phenomenon in our area was December of 2009. As we headed to my Dad’s on Christmas Eve that year a blizzard ensued. A real life blizzard I tell you! The roads covered in snow, the crisp air, filled with flakes like nothing I had ever seen before. It was more white and cold than I could have imagined.

It was so thick that my daughter who was following directly behind me missed the exit just as I was taking it. This was my middle daughter who gets a little upset when lost. So, we immediately called and advised her to take the next exit and wait for us. We also took the next exit, headed back to the highway we had just left and were on a mission to find her. It was a slow process and my heart was pounding as my mind raced with worry for how upset she must be.

We caught up to her at a gas station, calmed her, filled her car with gas, and tried to start it. Unfortunately, her battery was weak and her lights had been left on since she stopped. In this blizzard of all blizzards, I got the jumper cables out of the trunk, connected them to both cars, and waited for what seemed like an hour (even though it was only about 5 minutes) for her battery to charge. It was so cold and the snow blowing so hard I had to wrap my scarf around my face. I remind you, this is Texas. We rarely have snow here! We certainly do not have blizzards.

We survived and made it to my Dad’s to open gifts, and then home safely. The next morning Christmas breakfast was at my house for the first time. We had more family and more fun that morning than any Christmas I can remember. My yard filled with nieces, nephews, cousins and snowmen. My living room and kitchen filled with friends, family, and food. Everyone sharing and bonding right there in my home. At that point, the snow was beautiful and a very welcome sight. The wonder, white and warmth of it all…yes, I said warmth. The snow with all its fluff and glimmer had a warmth about it that filled the hearts of us all with love for one another on a once in a lifetime Christmas morning that was white and wonderful. This is what I believe to be the real meaning of Christmas; family gathered together to celebrate the birth of Christ in a loving and meaningful fashion.


Thoughts? Comments?

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