My Sweetheart, Still!

I had such a great response on FB and here on WP, I wanted to share this again for Valentine’s week this year!

Our Crowded Heart

For Valentines Day I want to share with you my love story. It’s a tale of how God brought two people together at just the right time and place.

Les and I met in 1985 at Texas Christian Academy in Arlington. For two years Les dated my best friends and I tormented him relentlessly for every wrong move he made with them. I felt it was my job to make sure my friends were treated well by him and everyone else.

Since January of 1988, Les and I have lived our own lives, only running into each other every few years at Wal-Mart or an unfortunate funeral of a former classmate. Never in a million years did we foresee our lives crossing paths in the way it now has.

In July of 2009, over twenty years after we parted ways, Les found me by chance on a social networking…

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