5 Minutes from the Heart: Home

HomeHeart01_0115 minutes to write from the heart with what Lisa Jo calls a flash mob of writers who congregate each week to share their hearts and their thoughts. This is the first time I’ve been able to join this calendar year and it feels great to be back again! Linking with www.lisajobaker.com for just 5 minutes on the topic: Home.

Start: 5:21 PM

It’s great to be home again. I feel at home in different ways. It feels like home to be writing again. I feels great to be home from school for the next 9 days on Spring Break. I miss both.

I miss spending quality time at home with my family and spending quality time at the keyboard sharing my heart with my family, friends and followers.

This has been a very different school year, especially for the past 6 weeks. It’s a learning experience that takes me away from home more than I would like to be away, but I know in the end it will benefit me and my family to have been away during this season.

Home sweet home. So glad to be here again.

Stop. 5:26 PM


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