5 Minutes from the Heart: In-between

daily-motivational-quote-for-once-i-get-the-feeling-im-right-where-i-belongLinking with Lisa-Jo again. Love her 5 Minute Flash Mob writing challenge!


I always feel like I’m in-between.

In-between what I’m doing now and what I’ll be doing next.

In-between jobs or callings, mostly.

I don’t mean to allude that I don’t have a job, but rather I am at a point where what I am currently learning will take me somewhere else.

I believe that what God has allowed me to do right now: good, bad, right, wrong, etc. will help me to help someone else in another phase of my life. So, in that aspect, I am always in-between.

I also don’t want to allude that I am not satisfied with where I am at any given moment, but I am always looking forward to where God will take me next. I enjoy the moments whether good, bad, right, wrong, etc. knowing that I am there to learn and grow so that at another point I will be prepared to share in the growing and learning of another person.

I enjoy learning. I don’t always enjoy growing. So, in those in-between moments I remind myself that being in-between is all in God’s plan and it’s exactly where I belong.


For more people writing on this topic check out www.lisajobaker.com


6 thoughts on “5 Minutes from the Heart: In-between

  1. I liked your post! It is definitely hard to be in the in-between times. Your perspsective, though is perfect, it’s all in God’s plan.

    Visiting from FMF! 🙂

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