5 Minutes from the Heart: Beautiful

998020_10200153982603881_840550960_nEvery Friday, Lisa-Jo and friends join up for a common writing prompt. We all give it just five minutes and share what’s on our heart or our mind. Here’s mine…

9:17 am Start

Beautiful is what I think of when I see my granddaughter’s face every morning.
Her red curls and gray-green eyes are nothing short of breath-taking.
She often reminds me of her mother at that age, but with a little more spring in her step.
She is a little more in control. She is the boss around these parts and everyone knows it.
Her beauty flows beyond her hair and her eyes, straight to the heart of the person lucky enough to meet her.
She’s a jewel, a gem. She’s a ray of sunshine in an often dreary world.
Her smile can melt a heart from across a field, and she, even at less than two and a half, knows that she has this power.
She has her Daddy and her Papa wrapped around several of her fingers.
She’s beautiful inside and out.
Even when she’s covered in apple sauce or spaghetti, there is a beauty that is unmistakable.
That beauty is my granddaughter.

Stop! 9:22 am

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5 thoughts on “5 Minutes from the Heart: Beautiful

  1. I so want to be a grandma! I can see why you would think beautiful. She’s a cutie! God must have had beautiful in mind when He made grandchildren.

  2. Brings back many memories of my own Redhead, now getting ready to graduate from college. Her laughter is still the most beautiful sound in my world. Thanks!

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