Scarred Heart

I have spent the last few months dealing with a wound that did not want to heal correctly. A portion of a scar from surgery last summer reopened due to an infection and had not healed in a normal manner. In addition to the outer scar opening, the infection created an inner pocket that was not closing. In order to correct this, the medical team tried several different strategies including the use of a wound vacuum to draw out the fluid that seemed to keep healing from taking place. In an unusual turn of events the wound vacuum was removed for a 24 hour period, and even though the purpose of the vac is to create negative pressure and close the wound, we actually had more significant progress in healing without it. So, thankfully I no longer had to wear it and the pocket began to close. I have been told that when the healing is complete the scar will have no additional signs that it ever reopened and caused the additional stress and pain.

Scars are healed wounds both on our physical bodies, and in other areas of our lives. They are the evidence of a past hurt. Once they have healed the physical pain is typically gone, but we will always have stories to tell and memories attached to the symbol left behind.

God often uses wounds to teach us lessons or slow us down. I believe that the extra months I spent healing my wound was making me take a break I would not have otherwise allowed myself. This was time that I needed to heal internal wounds I will never even see.

In our lives we collect scars that tell the story of where we have been. Some of these scars have molded us into who we are today. Physical scars allow us to help others make better choices such as not running on wet surfaces or paying better attention when our bodies are telling us to slow down. Other scars are on our heart. These scars tell our story as well. They symbolize the pain of a lost love, a lost child, a mistaken path or even an unexpected detour. Everyone’s scars are in different places and for different reasons. They are not meant to be hidden. They are to be shared. They are part of your legacy; they make you who you are. They are an important part of your story. Someone somewhere needs to hear your story because they need someone with your particular scars to teach them how to make it through to the other side of their current situation.

Who could benefit from the scars on your heart? Maybe it’s someone you do not even know. Your story, full of all of your scars and imperfections, is important. You should take the time to tell it.


Thoughts? Comments?

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