The Heart of Fall: Football

My great-nephew and favorite football star!

The only thing better than fall football weather in Texas” Texas is the look on this guys face when he’s in his gear and ready to start the game!

My granddaughter with her Daddy and her Papa

This is Daniel’s first year to play pee wee football and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress he is making.

Of course we haven’t won every game. So, there are times when our fans are less than enthusiastic about the game. (I promise this was NOT a staged photo.) They make me smile.

Yard signs are a big thing in Texas!
Cheerleaders in their monogrammed chairs with their own yard signs to stake their claim on the sidelines.

As our sidelines are prepared each week, we can see the Charger spirit come to life!

The best banners are made with love, a needle and thread!
While Coach gets the boys warmed up for the game, he lines up their helmets as an example of how a well-practiced team will take on their opponents. No gaps in this offense!
Let’s get this thing started!

Our Saturday mornings start early, but we love every minute of it, and next year brother may join the fun as well.

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