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5 Minutes from the Heart: Together

Every week there is a writing prompt given by to write for just 5 minutes without worrying about whether it is right. This weeks topic is Together.wpid-IMG_20131026_205150.jpg

9:03 PM Start

Together we are stronger.

Together we make a difference.

Together we are family.

Together we have hope.

Together we are friends.

Together we create change.

Together is my kids raising their kids.

Together is my grandchildren, and their cousins all on the same level.

Together is where my family is aligned.

Together is when we make the best choices.

Together is who we strive to be.

Together is what we do to make everything right with the world.

Together is how we are we.

Stop! 9:08 PM


5 Minutes from the Heart: Laundry

Every week a group of people join together to talk about the same topic. This topic is given at Midnight on Friday morning by, and is a great excuse to just put your heart on paper for 5 minutes, without over thinking it, over-editing it, or stressing about the content. This weeks topic is Laundry! She’s been sharing about a water development project in South Africa and asking others to give to help support this effort. My family, along with our church, support children in an Area Development Project in Swaziland, Africa where the most important thing is water. Here’s my take on the topic at hand:

Start: 3:52 pm

thCA2JGZ3KEvery day we get up and pull clean clothes out of our drawers to dress ourselves and our children. We turn on the faucet to wash our faces, brush our teeth, and take a drink. We go to a refrigerator and grab a bottle of water for the drive to work or school and we do all of this without blinking an eye. It’s an expectation. We have never been without water and we never expect it to not be there. We are fortunate. We just don’t know how fortunate we are. Our children have probably never lived without water, electricity, heated and cooled homes with a roof and multiple walls. Somewhere, someone has never known such luxury. They cannot even imagine how much better their lives would be if they even had a sampling of these things we take for granted. It’s time to pay attention not only to what we have, but to what others do not have. I cannot imagine not having a washer for my laundry, or even a dryer. I cannot imagine my life without the ability to put clean clothes on my children before school each morning, oh and by the way, there are children everywhere who cannot afford to even go to school. What do you have that is meaningless to you, but would mean so much to someone else? Think about it. Share your thoughts below!

Stop: 3:57 pm

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5 Minutes from the Heart: Ordinary

crossheartEvery week a prompt is given by to just write because it doesn’t matter if it’s just right. Today’s 5 minute topic is Ordinary.

Start: 7:23 AM

As a Christian we should strive to be extraordinary. We should not blend in. We are a chosen people who should be a light in a seeking world. People need us to show them the way. I don’t want to be ordinary. I want God to use me to help others. I want Him to direct me to say things and to do things that others need to hear and see. I want to be His light in the darkness. I want to be extraordinary.

As a parent and grandparent I strive to be extraordinary. I want to be part of their lives and part of their world. I want to show them the way to live while loving Jesus. I want to teach them to be caring and giving to others. I want to introduce them to the relationship I have with Christ as not only my Savior, but also as my Father. I want to live an extraordinary life.

As a teacher, I want to be extraordinary. I strive to advocate for my students and help them and their parents to obtain everything they need to be successful. I want to be a voice for the voiceless. I need to be an appropriate reflection of Jesus, as I may be the only Jesus they see.
I strive to be extraordinary in this ordinary world.

Stop: 7:28 AM

The Heart of Fall: The State Fair of Texas


The new Big Tex

There have been few October’s in my life when I have not visited the State Fair of Texas. Growing up, my Dad would take my siblings and I, along with one friend each, every year. He would give each pair of us a crisp twenty-dollar bill and send us on our way for a couple of hours. We browsed building after building, display after display. The best part was the freebies which ranged from food samples to bumper stickers and recipes! Of course we had the $20 to spend in the Midway and on a few choice items like a Fletcher’s State Fair corn dog! It was always worth the year-long wait to get one. We also made our way to Big Tex; the iconic Texan as tall as a building that stood near the center of the fair grounds. If we were there at the right time of day we might even get to hear him say, “Howdy folks! Welcome to the State Fair of Texas.” This was such a thrill when I was in middle school, and probably even when I was in high school. When our time was up we would meet my Dad back at the Automobile building for the ride home. The entire way, we talked in the back seat about the cool things we saw and did. We compared stories with my siblings and their friends, who may have seen and done things that we missed. It was an important part of my childhood, and one of my most cherished memories.

When we had children of our own, and no longer went to the fair at my Dad’s expense, my younger sister and I would plan a date to take our children on a Wednesday so we could get in for free with the donation of a few canned goods. We would also pack a lunch to keep from spending money to feed ourselves and our, at the time, 5 children . It was just too expensive for our small budgets, but we were not about to miss out on all the free fun the fair had to offer! From the Food and Fiber Building with its coupons and free samples, to the Automobile Building where we would dream of the nice family car we would one day drive, the site of Big Tex, standing in the middle of the fair grounds, became the best part! Not because of Big Tex himself, but more because our kids all called him “Big Pap”. That’s what they called my Dad, and to them, Big Tex was a hat-and-boot-wearing replica of their favorite person, Pap!

To this day, it warms my heart to see Big Tex and remember the looks on the faces of my three daughters who are now 20, 21, and 23, as well as their cousins Amber and Chaz, who are now 22 and 25. Such sweet faces they were as each starred up in awe of the sheer size of him. To them, Pap was larger than life and Big Tex was a scale model of how big of a role Pap played in their little lives.

5 Minutes from the Heart: Write

90d51c25a865713df7e2432c18acc424Every week a prompt is given to write for just 5 minutes, straight from the heart, no editing, no revisions, just write. Well, today the prompt is WRITE! So, here I go

6:53 AM Go!

I write to clear my head; to get it all out in front of me. I write to share what’s on my heart and see if it feels the same being read and it felt when it was written. I write to let others feel it too. It’s not about getting famous or making a name for myself, in fact, often it’s difficult to put my name on it. That may be why I have so many drafts in my file that have yet to be completed. I start to write, and then I wonder if it’s what needs to be heard. Just because I want to say it, doesn’t mean it needs to be heard. So, I leave it in the draft file until I get the urge to pick it up again. Then I shape it and mold it into something I feel is presentable. Some times I write and post in the same hour, other times it’s not even in the same year. Either way, I believe that God gave me the energy to write. I have done it since at least High School, and even though I stopped through the young mother years, I am happy to have found some time in my schedule to pick it up again. I write to share what’s on my heart and sometimes that’s all that matters.

6:58 AM STOP!

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