5 Minutes from the Heart: Laundry

Every week a group of people join together to talk about the same topic. This topic is given at Midnight on Friday morning by www.lisajobaker.com, and is a great excuse to just put your heart on paper for 5 minutes, without over thinking it, over-editing it, or stressing about the content. This weeks topic is Laundry! She’s been sharing about a water development project in South Africa and asking others to give to help support this effort. My family, along with our church, support children in an Area Development Project in Swaziland, Africa where the most important thing is water. Here’s my take on the topic at hand:

Start: 3:52 pm

thCA2JGZ3KEvery day we get up and pull clean clothes out of our drawers to dress ourselves and our children. We turn on the faucet to wash our faces, brush our teeth, and take a drink. We go to a refrigerator and grab a bottle of water for the drive to work or school and we do all of this without blinking an eye. It’s an expectation. We have never been without water and we never expect it to not be there. We are fortunate. We just don’t know how fortunate we are. Our children have probably never lived without water, electricity, heated and cooled homes with a roof and multiple walls. Somewhere, someone has never known such luxury. They cannot even imagine how much better their lives would be if they even had a sampling of these things we take for granted. It’s time to pay attention not only to what we have, but to what others do not have. I cannot imagine not having a washer for my laundry, or even a dryer. I cannot imagine my life without the ability to put clean clothes on my children before school each morning, oh and by the way, there are children everywhere who cannot afford to even go to school. What do you have that is meaningless to you, but would mean so much to someone else? Think about it. Share your thoughts below!

Stop: 3:57 pm

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6 thoughts on “5 Minutes from the Heart: Laundry

  1. Great thoughts, LInda. So many things that we take for granted every day are luxuries unknown to many. What a good reminder to be truly grateful for everything God gives us and to be willing to share all that we have in His name.

  2. Good words. It is so easy to take for granted what we have. I have lived for small periods of time without electricity and running water. It’s no fun–for sure–especially when all the plans have to shift. But even then, I was able to find another way. We had candles for light and a small gas stove to cook. We stored extra water. It was never for days and days. We did better than survive. The best memory I have about those times when electricity and water were out is that I was forced to rest. Dishes had to wait. Laundry had to wait. And that wasn’t so bad either.
    There were times that the interruptions didn’t happen, and I got used to it. And the next time we were without, it was a shock. It’s laughable, really. How easily I move into entitlement rather than thankful.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I like the statement that it forced you to rest. I believe God wants us to rest, and at times he has to get our attention to make that happen. Your story is a reminder that He speaks through all circumstances and is still at work in our lives despite them.

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