5 Minutes from a Thankful Heart: Grace

7094818055_e6c12f3be8I am so happy to start this years November Thankful series with a 5 minute writing prompt from www.LisaJoBaker.com  on the topic of grace! I cannot think of a better beginning point for this month of gratitude.

6:26 AM Start!

God is so good and giving. One of the most important things that He gives to us is grace.

The bible tells us that His grace is sufficient. That means that we do not need anything more or anything less. All we have to do is rely on Him to provide all of our needs. The funny thing is that we tend to quickly give up on waiting for Him to provide those needs and move toward providing them for ourselves. So often this ends up an epic failure and we cannot imagine how God could have allowed such a thing to happen. It is only when we realize that He needs full control to act on our behalf, that He can truly act. He is waiting for us to let go. The problem is that in letter go, we often feel we are admitting defeat or maybe we cannot let go because of fear of the unknown. Knowing that God is in control should be enough to give us the confidence we need to turn it over, but unless we have a deep enough relationship with Him, that can be difficult. I’ll admit that I prefer to be in control of every situation. I need to know what is going on and who is going to do something about it. Somehow, an all-powerful, all-knowing God is not always sufficient in my mind. That’s something I am working on. That’s a place where I am learning to gradually give over some of the power to someone who can be so much more than I can ever be in the situations in my life. He is good, and He knows best. His grace is sufficient.

I am thankful today for friends and family who also provide grace in situations where I may not be so graceful. As they reach out and pull me back in with their love, I learn from their doing. In receiving grace, I learn how to extend that same grace to others. God gives us people in our lives who act on His behalf, as if they were Jesus himself, reaching out to support us.

Where will you show grace today? For whom will you be Jesus?

Stop. 6:31 AM


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