Thankful Heart 2013: Day 2 – Grandchildren

1380349_10200792291081194_998223229_nToday and every day I am thankful for my grandchildren, Rylann Avery and Eythan Taylor. I am additionally thankful for my sister’s grandchildren, Daniel and Gabriel,  in whose lives I have the privilege of playing a special part. Each of these children have created a new place in my heart that did not exist before: the grandmother place. All they have to do is smile or cry and I melt. I want to do everything I can to make their lives even better than the lives of their parents. I plan outings, go to games, visit museums, host parties, play at the park, and many other things only because of these children. There are times that these events are tiresome or stressful, but those temporary feelings pale in comparison to the love I feel each time I think of them or see their faces. I cannot imagine my life without a single one of them.

1378703_10201247749449174_579308701_nWhen I had children 20+ years ago I never imagined how being a mother was going to change so many things, but more importantly, becoming a grandmother almost three years ago has been even more life changing. It’s funny how you see yourself in your children; the mistakes that you made as well as the aha moments. Seeing my children grow into the parents they have become tells me that I did something right. I raised them to love others, respect their elders, and most importantly trust God. They are in turn teaching their children the same simple principles even at their young ages. I cannot tell you how proud that makes me!

Grandchildren are amazing additions to our lives and if you don’t have any yet, you don’t know what you are missing. They complete you. More than getting married, more than having children of your own. Having grandchildren completes the circle and shows you another realm of happiness you never thought possible. Today I am very thankful for them!


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