Thankful Heart 2013: Day 3 – Date Nights

Aren’t we cute in our 3D glasses!
Romulan Ale ring toss
I’m officially in Star Fleet now.
Les is becoming a Chicote
Captain Kirk?

I am thankful that my husband enjoys date nights that I plan and implement without including him in the preparation phase. Recently, I surprised him, a huge Star Trek fan, with a date night at the Fort worth Museum of Science and History where the latest movie in the series, Star Trek Into Darkness, was the theme of the night. He didn’t have a clue until we walked in the front door and saw people dressed in Star Fleet attire. He was very surprised and excited to be there.

While we were there we watched a 3D movie short on the Barnett Shale, played ring toss with Romulan Ale bottles, threw tribbles for a bean bag toss game, had our faces painted, walked around the inside and outside of the building just talking and enjoying the company, wrote our names in Klingon, and finally at the end of the night watched Star Trek Into Darkness on the massive IMAX screen! It was a great evening neither of us will soon forget.

I enjoyed seeing him have so much fun. He was like a kid in a candy store. There is nothing I am more thankful for than seeing my husband happy, and this certainly made him happy. He has not stopped talking about it, and tells everyone who will listen what a cool date night I planned.

His level of enjoyment made my evening just as wonderful as his. I cannot wait to plan the next one. In fact, I had an idea today while running around with my daughters and cannot wait to start planning our next outting. It might not be as spectacular as Star Trek any time soon, but each date night has it’s own defining moments, and most importantly we will be together. For that reason, I am thankful!


Thoughts? Comments?

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