Thankful Heart 2013: Day 4 – Co-workers

Special Education Staff at NRES

I am so thankful for the team of people who make up the Special Education staff at North Riverside. They are some of the most talented and amazing teachers, para-professionals and specialists with whom I have ever come in contact. They make my job so much easier because I know they are taking care of their pieces of this puzzle so that I am not picking up the slack. Just a few of the things that make them awesome are:

Mrs. D is a certified teacher working as an Aide in my classroom, but acting like she is in her own classroom and taking responsibility to the educational needs of our students in every aspect imaginable.

Mrs. R is also a certified teacher, working as an Aide in our Resource classroom. Her compassion for all the students at NRES is clear from the way she greets students in the hallway each morning, to the way she takes some of my more difficult students aside to work with them exactly where they are on a given day.

Mr. C is a longterm substitute teacher in our district, who we will be very sad to lose at the end of this week. His positive attitude and smiling face will be greatly missed. He has filled in several times over the past two years, covering two teacher maternity leaves, and a couple of shorter term Aide positions with complicated student situations. He is always upbeat and happy. We cannot wait for another opportunity to have him on our campus.

Mrs. K is the newest member of our staff and what a great addition is she! Her dedication and respect for our students are unsurpassed. She takes pride in her work and wants our students to be successful in everything they do. I cannot imagine a better person to fill the second aide position in my classroom this year!

Mrs. B is a specialist who respects the opinions of the teachers on campus and takes them into consideration in everything she does. She cares about the progress each student is making and takes her time to assure they are learning at their own pace and level.

Mrs. C is a reading specialist with the heart to see students through even rough times. She knows what it takes to help students pull themselves up from below grade-level and support their confidence through it all.

Mrs. H is the spiritual center of our group. Not only is she also a certified teacher working as a classroom Aide, but she keeps us all grounded in our faith and reminds us that our Father is in control of it all. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with her for the past year and a half, and will miss her greatly when she retires in the Spring.

There cannot be a more qualified group of teachers and staff joined on one campus anywhere. I am very thankful to be part of this team and pray our relationships and common goal for students to be successful are solidified even more in the coming years.


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