Thankful Heart 2013: Day 6 – Fall Traditions

Papa with Eythan

Of our Fall traditions, one of my favorite is going to the pumpkin patch. All of our kids and their families join us for a morning of family photos, tractor pulled wagon rides, hay bales, corn stalks, and of course pumpkins. We also attempt family photos with our resident photographer, my daughter Chailey.

Setting up for pic of Eythan and his Mommy. Andrea’
Gabriel Lamar, my sweet great-nephew.

The first year at this particular pumpkin farm the weather was great, but the last two years have been cold, wet and miserable. We’ve handled it with grace and lots of layers! Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t handle the weather well. As we lined up for group photo’s the rain began to spit in our faces. So, you can imagine how bad the pictures turned out. Most have been deleted, never to be shared with anyone! My photographer is a perfectionist. So, here I am sharing a few of the pictures that survived the cut as well as a few picture of the grands that I took on my phone before the rain joined the party. They were too precious not to include.

I say it all the time, and I will say it again here. Our family traditions are important to me and to my family. Some of them are older than I am, and others are newly created. Either way, they are part of the structure that holds my family together and binds our past to our future. They are how we create and share our story with our children and theirs.

Daniel. My other sweet boy.
Rylann and her Mommy,Chelsey.

Our fall traditions include not only the Pumpkin Patch, but having our grown children return home for a Halloween gathering and taking their children trick-or-treating together just like my children did with their cousins for 20 years; Family dinner with my Dad, his siblings, and their families on Thanksgiving Day; the same with my Mom on the day after; Putting up the Christmas tree, lights, stocking and all on the day after Thanksgiving because we cannot wait a moment more; Getting a first visit from Jingle, our Elf on a Shelf, which finishes off our Fall traditions and starts our Christmas traditions. If you do not have family traditions from years gone by I urge you to begin some now. All it takes it doing something you enjoy every year in a similar way,  at a similar time, with the people you love!


Thoughts? Comments?

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