Thankful Heart 2013: Day 9 – Eternity

Ecclesiastes-3_11I am thankful that I know without a shadow of a doubt that my eternity is filled with promise; Christ has given us confirmation of this in His word. I am thankful that He has gone to prepare a place for me in eternity and that I have no reason to fear the future. There are so many things that go on from day-to-day that cause concern and fear to enter our hearts, but God’s word should be a daily reminder to us that He has not given us a spirit of fear and that he has set eternity in our hearts so that we may find Him when we seek to know our eternity. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning and the end. He is eternity. I am thankful that I live in a country that allows me to seek God’s word when I am struggling so that I am reminded that He makes everything beautiful in its time. Even the things that concern us will be beautiful in eternity! If you are not sure of your eternity, click on the link to my Story below.


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