5 Minutes from a Thankful Heart: Tree

My friend Barbara's Christmas Tree 2010
My friend Barbara’s Christmas Tree 2010

Linking again with my favorite group of writers to talk with my hands for just 5 minutes, straight from the heart, about the prompt tree.

Start: 6:34 AM

My daughter has talked for a week now about putting up the Christmas tree. In fact, last weekend my two-year-old granddaughter watched a few Christmas movies with her Dad and has not stopped talking about Christmas since. She says, ” I’m going to Christmas! Are you going to Christmas? I’m going to get candy canes and presents and candy canes!” She is so excited that it is heart warming for us all. A few days a ago she saw Christmas lights on a house, pointed to it, and exclaimed, “they have Christmas!” When we arrived home she was so disappointed that we didn’t have Christmas. So, this weekend her parents are putting up the Christmas tree, a tradition we have typically reserved for the weekend after Thanksgiving, but two weeks early isn’t going to hurt anything.

I just love that she is so excited about a holiday that signifies Christ and the fact that He was born to save us from this broken world, that he died on a tree as the brightest light ever to adorn one, and rose again on the third day defeating death, hell and the grave. Victory! Now, that’s something to get excited about. I’m going to Christ-mas! Are you going to Christ-mas?

Stop: 6:39 AM

7 thoughts on “5 Minutes from a Thankful Heart: Tree

  1. Oh, my daughters are in love with Christmas, too. In fact, my 5.5 year old tends to get out our small Christmas tree many times during the course of the year to decorate it and bring Christmas into our home. In the same way that she brings wisdom and truth that only a child can speak sometimes. I am convinced that God uses my girls as his vessels to speak truth to my heart.

    Thank you for sharing a little bit of your heart with us today. And for the reminder that Christ is indeed the brightest Light ever to adorn a tree….

  2. Yep…it’s the lights that draw us all in…and THE LIGHT of His love that sustains us…all year round! THANKS, Rhonda!

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