5 Minutes from the Heart: Paint

4660254-102038-paint-splatter-heart-vector-illustrationStart: 5:32 am

Paint is what spills out of the can as you dip in your brush if you are not oh so careful about it,

But who really cares if there are drips anyway.

It’s not about the masterpiece that you create.

It’s all about the passion that goes into the work you are creating.

It’s like writing and having your thoughts spill out all over the paper.

There will be some things that drip out that maybe you hadn’t planned,

But in the end it’s all part of the beauty of the creation.

It all has meaning.

Everything  we do has meaning to someone in some little corner of our world.

It all comes together to make something beautiful; to make someone feel what we feel.

Regardless of the spots and drips.

Regardless of the errors along the way.

It’s not about the way you paint the picture as much as how freely you move the brush.

It’s a beauty that you may not see right way, but it will speak to someone and they will see it.

They will feel it.

They will need it.

Stop: 5:37 am
Five Minute Friday


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