5 Minutes from the Heart: Mess

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So often it feels like our family is a mess, our children are a mess, our jobs are a mess. It’s like the moment things start to look like they are shaping up, there they go again strewn across the floor of your heart like someone came in and swiped their arm across your desk just to upset you. It can be difficult to be objective in times like these. It almost makes you want to be on the look out when things are good; wondering when the next wave will hit. What do you have for me next God?

Though, it’s really a beautiful mess when you think about it objectively. God balances our every day lives if we will let Him.  Even though at times it looks as if things are flying around, out of control, kicking and screaming, and pulling the paper off the walls of your plan for your life. God is still in control. He is orchestrating every kick, and every scratch. He knows which ones will affect us the most and ultimately turn us in a direction that will impact so many others who need His help, but don’t know how to accept it.

So, calm down and be the peace in that world of chaos where you are living. Stop trying to so hard to get out and move up that you miss the message in the mess that is now, right here trying to speak to your heart.

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3 thoughts on “5 Minutes from the Heart: Mess

  1. Hey Rhonsa thank you for sharing today and for your wonderful words on my post. Sharing from our hearts is always hard because people may misunderstand and judge. But I am trying to find that space and be okay with letting others know my heart. I agree so much with you – not to miss the message in the mess! Thank you and may you be continually blessed! aliyah

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