5 Minutes from the Heart: Nothing

Nothing-W-out-GodLinking again with Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday. Check out the sisterhood over at http://www.lisajobaker.com where awesome things are happening all in he name of supporting mothers while proclaiming Christ as King.

Nothing is a concept about which I know very little. I have always had something; something to do, something to wear, something to eat. In fact I have a hard time having nothing to do, and it’s obvious I have missed few meals.  My daughters will tell you that though there were times when we had little, we never did without. We joke now about how we lived on biscuits and eggs for days at a time, and how biscuits and pancakes are now comfort foods for us all. Too bad there wasn’t a carrot or celery bush in the yard back then, so they would be our comfort foods.

Nothing is concept about which God wants us to know more, in the sense that we should be nothing and He should be everything. Nothing should separate us from His love. Nothing should be held in greater esteem than He. Nothing is what we brought into this world and with which we will leave. Nothing is impossible with Him. I am nothing without God.

So, everything I am is because God gave me the ability to be and do. God’s wisdom, strength, favor, and knowledge pull me through all circumstances as long as I rely on Him and not myself. Nothing is a concept about which I know very little, but nothing is what I am without God.

My God provides.

My God reigns.

My God lives in me.

My God heals.

My God sustains.

Without Him I am nothing, and with Him I have everything!



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