5 Minutes from the Heart: Memories

162c8580eda050c20bad30c2bd1892b7All of the things I remember the most about the Christmas’s of my childhood include spending time with my family. Such as my brother, sister and I spending time around the white aluminum Christmas tree with a rotating color wheel shining on it while watching my parents wrap gifts for other family and friends. Or waking up on Christmas morning to find that Santa not only brought my sister and I matching Pink Huffy bicycles, but matching teddy bears in brown and cream that we had picked out in JCPenney while shopping recently with our mother. Who knew Santa was really watching us everywhere we went? This was the same year that I told Santa I wanted nothing more than a stuffed life-size Benji like the dog in the movie. So, I was thrilled to see him sitting there among the rest of the loot that morning. I remember going out very close to Christmas and getting a fresh tree to decorate with one set of grandparents while the other put up their artificial tree soon after Thanksgiving each year. Christmas always meant the best breakfast at one grandparents house and homemade divinity and candies at the other. It meant falling asleep in the car or at least playing opossum so we would be carried inside when we arrived home from Nanny and Pappy’s on Christmas Eve. It meant getting up bright and early on Christmas morning, but it was all worth it, sleep or no sleep. It was the best time of year when everyone was happy and all of our wishes seemed to come true.


Thoughts? Comments?

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