5 Minutes from the Heart: Scents

1marshmallowsWhen I think of Christmas I first think of the smell of peppermint. When my girls were little I had a set of peppermint snowball candles that burned constantly throughout the month of December. All winter long (to be honest all year long) I use peppermint scented lotion, candles, hand soap, and bath soap. People who used to work with me, have said they still think of me when they smell peppermint. It’s just my thing. It’s funny how certain scents make you think of certain times of year or certain people. Often memories are tied to different scents. Apple cider makes me think of fall, original chap-stick makes me think of my Dad. Embers burning make me think of cold winter nights roasting marshmallows on opened metal hangers in the living room fireplace as a kid. Back then we had closets full of metal hangers, but these days we find it difficult to locate even one. Half of the fun was twisting the neck of the hanger open and getting it straight enough to use. With three of us all vying for a turn at the fireplace I cannot imagine the patience my Dad must have had to make it a truly memorable occasion.


Thoughts? Comments?

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