5 Minutes from the Heart: Mug

mugHot beverages are so comforting and calming. Whether its a latte or a tea, a cider or a cocoa, there is nothing better in my mug than a steaming drink at the beginning, middle or end of a long day. My current beverage of choice is a Chai Tea latte. I just love the aromatic mixture of cinnamon and cardamom, which are believed to have healing properties. My daughters say it smells like Hobby Lobby; kind of like potpourri in a cup. My favorite way to enjoy a hot drink is from one of my large mugs. The hot cup conveys warmth to your hands as the contents warm your insides. In my collection of mugs several showcase snowmen clad in red in green, as if we only drink hot beverages in the winter. I assure you I can drink a hot beverage in the middle of a Texas summer without hesitation. My favorite mug simply states that all I need is faith, family, and friends. Sometimes during a busy moment where nothing seems to be going together as planned, I need that little reminder that my faith in Jesus Christ, the family that he has given me and the friends I cherish are all I need to get through any set of circumstances. That is as comforting as the hot spiced tea I am sipping right now.


Thoughts? Comments?

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