5 Minutes from the Heart: Purpose

20140326-jennieallen-setothersfreeI’m reading Jennie Allen’s book, Restless, in which she talks about how our hearts are restless for more because we were not meant to live forever in this world. Our purpose here is to live our story and then tell it so that others may benefit from what we have lived and learned. I have been struggling with a nagging thought that I am meant to tell my story in a greater way and with more depth than I have ever told it before. I have always felt like each step of my life was a stop along the way to more: more of God, more of life, more love, more faith. However, along with more comes fear and uncertainty. I am realizing that my fear is tied to the idea that I am not enough: not good enough, not strong enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not experienced enough, not deserving enough. The great thing about this type of fear is that it can be overcome with the knowledge that we do not need to be enough because He is enough. God is enough. I never before realized that I do not have to be enough because God is enough. My purpose has not been to get to the point where I am enough. I will never be enough. God designed us to need Him. He is our enough. He came to be life through us. He doesn’t expect us to be enough on our own. In her book, Jennie says that He chose us to do His work because He knew we would never be enough. We are a vessel that He designed so that He could fill us up and pour us out. Our purpose is to let Him work through us. Our purpose has never been to be good enough or strong enough to handle anything on our own. We are made in His image for His purpose. How freeing is that to know!

Linking with Five Minute Friday today. The prompt is Purpose.



7 thoughts on “5 Minutes from the Heart: Purpose

  1. Great post! I think so many of us struggle with the feeling that we are not enough. It is so freeing to realise that we are not enough in ourselves but God can still use us and work through us, that it’s not about us but that we are here to serve his purposes. And it’s not easy to share our stories but I love how God can use them to bless others when we do.

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